"You Should Be Fishing"

Ice Fishing before you know it!




We will be ice fishing before you know it. Stay tuned

for ice condition reports.


6 thoughts on “Ice Fishing before you know it!

  1. Really like the site, very professional looking and well made. Will you be posting after each time you’ve been out on the ice with the results? Maybe add some recipes on how to prepare the fish or favorite batter or dry mixes? Also, when are you going to have your next fish fry?


  2. I will try to update it during the ice fishing season. Recipes is a good idea too.


  3. Really like all the nice photos of the fish. Hoping to go hard water fishing myself this season. What’s the biggest walleye you’ve caught? For a suggestion idea, have you tried any of the other themes and background colors? Enjoyed your site. Thanks,
    John Vergin


  4. Speaking as a person that really enjoys fishing, I think this blog is really promising. Lots of good things so far, and I noticed someone suggested a new theme, and I was thinking maybe a shot of some scenic lake might work well as a background, but speaking from experience, be careful what color the background it so the text is still readable.
    Any fun fishing stories you could share? I know most fishermen have at least a couple silly or fantastic tales under their belt.


  5. Cool site. You have a lot of great pictures! I really liked this one. Are you frozen in the ice? A small suggestion might be to add a little color to your site. The white background is rather stark. However, it does provide a nice clean feel amidst all those fish!


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