"You Should Be Fishing"

Walleyes are biting!


Walleyes are coming  in shallow as it gets colder.
Get out early and stay late.


Walleyes can be found fishing from shore. Casting crankbaits

or live bait are good options. From a boat walleyes and saugers

can be found on the Mississippi River. Jigging minnows

work well here.


3 thoughts on “Walleyes are biting!

  1. Great job on your site, it is very easy to navigate and read! Awesome pictures and great catches ☺ Only suggestion I can make is maybe add a little more to your About section, it seems very short compared to your other sections. Overall nice work!


  2. Great picture at the top! I really like it. Have you been fishing much this year? My husband just cleaned out the icehouses and they are patiently waiting in the basement for him to finally go. Here in Albert Lea, there is not ice on the lake yet. One suggestion would be to make your text in the postings a little smaller. Best of luck on the ice this winter!


    • Thanks for the suggestion, I am making them smaller now. My home page picture is my son a few years ago fishing off the dock at Lake of the Woods on the Canadian border. I fish as much as possible and am ready for some ice now. Good luck to you too!


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